Tributise FAQ

What does it cost? Membership of the website is free and creating Tribute pages is free.

What is the difference between a 'Friends and Family' tribute, and a 'Famous' tribute?

Tributise offers three main types of Tribute;

A 'Friends and Family' tribute is something that you write to someone who you know personally. With a friends and family tribute you can add an email address when you write the tribute and then the Tributee (the person who you write the tribute to) will receive an email message when you create the tribute.

A 'Memorial' tribute is something that you write about someone who you knew personally but who is no longer alive. 

A 'Famous' tribute is for someone who you do not know personally, but who you want to pay tribute to in writing.

In addition, you can write tributes to your favourite things! If you like it, then you can write a tribute to it. Your favourite car, or favourite TV show, or favourite restaurant. Whatever you like you can Tributise with a tribute.

You can also write a tribute to a Religious figure who is important to you.


Why should I register? When you register, you are able to create Tribute pages and any tributes sent to you will be visible in your account. You can also make new friends on Tributise who share the same interests.

How long does my Tribute remain on Your tribute remains on as long as you want.It is a permanent web page which you can share with friends, link to, edit whenever you like.

If you can't find what you need here then please contact us and we will respond as quickly as we can.

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