Make someone happy today. Tell them why you love them. (It's easy)

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Tributise is the dash of positivity missing in today's social media. It encourages people to recognize the good in others, while building their online presence. What better way to connect with people, than a platform that highlights achievements and good living?

Meera Nair Meera Nair

Tributise is an awesome idea for a social site. An online, living monument to whatever you want. Reading through the pages is almost like walking through a memorial garden, except that garden has been built by friends, family, and strangers around the world.

Jesse Frier Jesse Frier

It was an enjoyable experience writing on Tributise. I took time to actually recall kinds deeds and memorable events I had with those important to me. Writing nice things about people left me with a positive feeling and reminded me to appreciate nice things in life, especially in this face-paced society where I tend to take things for granted and sometimes forget to show appreciation to others.

Lyann Goo Lyann Goo

I think it's a nice idea. A lot of people have things to say but have no platform. The world can always use some more positivity and kind words." "Writing tributes made me think about the things that I am grateful for. It made me realise all the blessings I have. It was a great experience to honour the people in this way.

Sunette Kruger Sunette Kruger

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You really have. My double meniscal tears on my left knee, my transition into singing. You have truly seen everything my life has become and will become. We were friends way back when we were...
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I am a classical singer studying at Westminster Choir College and i like to think I am a strong individual, but when when i'm practicing and singing, my confidence can sometimes diminish. Now,...
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When I was younger, I was never really close to my mother. Everything that I had to say to her, I was saying it in fear, hoping that she will not start a fight with me. That was till the moment I...
1 fights-in-a-relationship_grid.jpg
Sometimes, you meet people who provide you a safe, compassionate space to communicate your thoughts and feelings, which results in an incredibly healthy relationship. Other times, you might...
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When I first knew you-When was that?I have always known you.In the Past, Present, and Future,I was there and so were you.My friend, wait for me.I have to go on this journey.I promise I will...
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We all have that one best friend with which we share every detail of our life, our victories and our failures, our interests and our worries, seeking council and understanding. How many times have...
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I was not very close with my family due to certain issues when I was in high school, which left a gap between me and my parents. Also, in our traditional family, we tend to keep feelings deep in...
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As children and teenagers we often look at our parents as annoying, frustrating, nagging and pains in our behinds. It often takes some years of maturity to realise that our moms were always right...
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You are the master of suspense. It has made you one of the greatest directors ever. You were able to captivate audiences, mesmerize them, give them a terrorifying feeling. Your films gave me an...
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How strange it is that the things that were punishments when I was a kid, should now be my favourite things. Food, sleep and solitude - my happiness in a nutshell. Hot and comforting. Cold and...
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Do you recall that feeling when you feel better than ever, or maybe the best version of yourself? I get this euphoric feeling after a hard workout, and a long day full of walking and...
You died, you all died in war so we can have peace. Our soldiers, how great a love to faithfully stand up to a fight so that a million strangers may live in peace! Every time I play Bruno...

Make someone happy today

happy manOne of the beautiful things about saying nice things is that it is incredibly therapeutic. Not only do you make someone else feel great (the recipient), but you also feel good yourself. What a great deal - a win-win situation. Everyone likes to hear positive words about them, and we also feel good when we write them.

When you have the opportunity to put in writing just how much someone means to you, it can be very special. You pay tribute to the things that they have done for you and explain in a personal way what it means to you.

Tributise is a new social network that allows users to write and share positive words and read what other users have written.  A page can have words, pictures, and video clips. You can write anything you like. It just has to be nice! You can create a page that shows your respect and admiration for someone or something.  You can write a page to your best friend, or your mother, or your favourite singer. You can write pages to everything that you like.

How about a page for your favourite band? or favourite actor? or your grandmother? or your best friend? or your favourite place? With Tributise you can write good things about everything that you like - and then share with friends on Facebook or wherever you want. You create your personal collection of everything that you like - in one place. To keep and to share.

Favorite Things

What are your favorite things? What are you passionate about? What do you really like? Are you a car fan? Porsche or Ferrari or Lamborghini... or are you a wine lover?...

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What do you do when you want to say "Thank you" to someone in a sincere and lasting way? I wanted to say thank you in a fun way - but I...

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You are a fan - but how do you show your appreciation? A celebrity tribute is a lasting page that you create for someone famous. Anyone who you like. Your favourite singer...

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A memorial tribute is a place for you to create a lasting page for someone you loved, and share the page with family and friends. Our approach at Tributise is...

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Create a Fan Page

Create a fan page on Tributise for your favourite singer or band. Or for your favourite song. Or your favourite sports star You can write why you like them, why they...

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Is your faith important to you?

Is your faith important to you? Which religious figures are important in your life? Are you a Christian? do you follow Islam? Are you a Hindu? A Buddhist perhaps? a practicing...

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Create a page for your favourite sports star

Who is your favourite sports star? which is your favourite team? what was the best game they played? Do you follow Serena Williams? or David Beckham? Is LeBron James your idol? are you...

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Create a fan page for your favourite author

Who is your favourite author? Tolstoy? Agatha Christie? Stephen King? J.K. Rowling? Why not create a tribute page and tell the world why your favourite author is the best? or why your...

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Create a fan page for your favourite artist

  Who is your favourite artist? Banksy? Picasso? Andy Warhol? Why not create a tribute page and tell the world why your favourite artist is the best? You can add pictures and a link to...

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Create a fan page for your favourite singer or band

 Why not create a fan page on Tributise for your favourite singer or band? or for your favourite song? It is really easy to create a page with pictures and links to...

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Your own hall of fame

With Tributise, you can make your own Hall of Fame! Create tribute pages for your favourite stars Or for your friends and family Everyone who is important to you - in one place. Register now...

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Say it before it's too late

Say it before it's too late? Why is that so important? Well, we have probably all experienced it. Someone you care about is no longer there, and then we all have...

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